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REALTOR Ethics Code of Ethics

Since 1913, REALTORS® have subscribed to a strict Code of Ethics. Although the real estate industry itself has evolved over the past century, the core values and commitment to excellence have remained constant. The Code of Ethics was seen as a declaration of the real estate industry's principles and beliefs, a "golden thread" uniting those devoted to raising the standards of professionalism and service in real estate.

REALTORS® bring a wealth of resources to consumers so that they can give their clients the best possible representation during the transaction process. The Code of Ethics identifies professional responsibilities owed to clients, customers, other REALTORS® and the general public.

For the full text of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, click here.

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Ethics Complaint Process

Learn more about the ethics complaint process with the links below.

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Ethics Forms

Ethics/Disciplinary Procedures PDF

Ethics Disciplinary Complaint Form PDF

Outline of the Procedure for Hearings/Disciplinary Action PDF

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Filing Ethics Complaints

The local board or association of REALTORS® can provide you with information on the procedures for filing an ethics complaint. Here are some general principles to keep in mind. Ethics complaints must be filed with the local board or association of REALTORS® within one hundred eighty (180) days from the time a complainant knew (or reasonably should have known) that potentially unethical conduct took place.

The REALTORS® Code of Ethics consists of seventeen (17) Articles. The duties imposed by many of the Articles are explained and illustrated through accompanying Standards of Practice or case interpretations. Your complaint should include a narrative description of the circumstances that lead you to believe the Code of Ethics may have been violated.

Your complaint must cite one or more of the Articles of the Code of Ethics which may have been violated. Hearing panels decide whether the Articles expressly cited in complaints were violated - not whether Standards of Practice or case interpretations were violated. The local board or association of REALTORS® Grievance Committee may provide technical assistance in preparing a complaint in proper form and with proper content. MORE on Ethics Complaints


The mission of the Real Estate Mediation Center is to successfully resolve disputes between REALTOR® members and/or members of the general public, utilizing the services of mediators who practice specifically in the real estate field, such as brokers and real estate attorneys. More.

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Procuring Cause

The Procuring Cause Guidelines C.A.R. and SDAR adopted in the late fall of 2001 address how to determine which of the brokers involved in a transaction is responsible for its successful completion, and therefore entitled to the commission. More. (requires C.A.R. Login)

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Arbitration Procedures PDF

Arbitration Outline PDF

Arbitration Fees: One time filing fee (no refund): $500 by complainant

REALTOR® Member Arbitration Complaint Form PDF

Arbitration Payment Voucher PDF

Member of the Public Information Sheet PDF

Member of the Public Arbitration Complaint Form PDF

Attorneys C.A.R. Legal
SDAR Affiliates - Legal Services

SDAR has affiliate members who provide various legal services. To view the contact information of affiliates under the subsection "Legal Services," Click here.

C.A.R. Legal
C.A.R. Legal Hotline

For legal advice, contact the California Association of REALTORS® Legal Hotline. You will need to have your membership number available, and you may be prompted to leave a message so that a real estate attorney will return the call.

Agents: Call (213) 739-8282
Brokers: Call (213) 739-8350

San Diego Bar Association SDCBA
Real Estate Attorneys

Need a real estate attorney? For the San Diego Bar Association Lawyer Referral & Information Service, call toll-free, (800) 464-1529, or click here.

Landy Insurance

The Herbert H. Landy Insurance Agency, Inc. has been a national leader in providing Professional Liability Insurance and Errors and Omissions (E & O Insurance) since 1949. We offer coverage through some of the finest, most financially-sound insurance companies to assist our clients in obtaining the best combination of coverage and cost to fit their own unique professional insurance requirements. Whether you are a professional seeking Errors & Omissions or Professional Liability Insurance for your business or an independent insurance agent securing coverage for a client, our goal is to make your insurance buying experience a positive one.

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